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The main growing area historically is Iran, but the pistachio was brought to the US by Iranian people and widely cultivated. Besides these two main areas the product can also be found in Turkey and South Africa. 

Product Details
US Pitachios
Variety Grades Sizes (Kernels) Origin Packing Loadability/20 ' FCL
Net Weight (Kgs)
In Shell U.S. Fancy,
U.S. No. 1,
U.S. No. 2,
U.S. No. 3
Large: 18/21 California (USA) Cartons 11.34 x 1040 Cartons
Standard 21/25 Cartons 10.00 x 900 Cartons
Medium: 26/30 Bags 5.00 x 1440 Cartons
Small: 31 + Bags  
Small: 31 + Super Sacks 997.90 x 10 SuperSacks
Kernels Whole   California (USA) Cartons 11.34 x 1040 Cartons
Halves & Pieces
Small Meats