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Cashews are native of Brazil and were spread around the world by the Portuguese. Cashews are found mostly in Brazil, Western Africa, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Product Details
Varieties Grades Sizes (Kernels) Origin Packing Loadability/20' FCL
Net Weight (Kgs)
Whole White W180; W 210; W 240;
W320; W450; W 500
Côte d'Ivoire

Burkina Faso
Pouches Packed
in Tins / Cartons
11.34 x 2 x 700 cartons

22.68 x 700 Cartons
Carmel (CR) Desert SSW DW
Butte (BT) Scorched Sw180; SW 210; SW240;
SW320; SW450; SW500
Padre (PD) White Butts ,Splits ,SWP, LWP,
Baby Bits
Mission (MI) Desert SPS, DP
Monterey(MT) Scorched Butts ,Splits ,SP, SSP