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Green cardamom pods are harder to find and more expensive than the other forms of cardamom. It is a common ingredient in cooking, and is often used in baking.

Product Details
Varieties Specification Origin Packaging FCL 20'
Jumbo dark green AGEB Alleppey Green Extra Bold - Size 7mm above wt/lt 435 gms.

West Africa 5kg cartons x 8 such cartons in a master carton. Total 40Kg  10.5MT in 20'
AGB Alleppey Green Bold - Size 6mm above wt/lt 415gms
Large Dark Green AGS Alleppey Green Superior - Size 5mm above wt/lt 385 gms
AGS-1 Alleppey Green Shipment Green-1 - Size 4mm above wt/lt 350gms 
Medium Dark Green AGS-2 Alleppey Green Shipment Green-2 - Size 4mm above wt/lt 320gms
Small Dark Green