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Processed Pulses

Processed dal are obtained from raw pulses after sorting, cleaning, conditioning, grading, bagging and sometimes dehusking and splitting them. Nuts & Grains Africa Trading is one of the prominent pulses suppliers for wholesalers and retailers. We offer hygienically cleaned, sortexed quality processed pulses that are prepared using best technology. The ready-to-cook utility of processed dal makes them ideal for use in various food preparations.

  • Toor Dal

    Nuts & Grains Africa Trading is a toor dal supplier, offering it primarily in three sizes - bold, medium...Read More

  • Urad Dal Chilka

    Urad dal chilka, also known as black matpe with husk split or split black gram is a lentil... Read More

  • Urad Dal

    Urad dal is commercially called as black matpe huskless split or white lentil...Read More

  • Urad Dal Gota

    Urad dal gota or black matpe huskless without split is whole pulse that has been skinned...Read More

  • Chana Dal

    Nuts & Grains Africa Trading offers quality chana dal in huskless split for Kabuli and Desi Chickpea... Read More

  • Vaal Dal

    Lablab bean is a legume that is extensively grown in Asian and African regions... Read More

  • Mung Dal

    Nuts & Grains Africa Trading offers mung dal or GMB huskless split moong bean in three sizes which... Read More

  • Moong dal chilka

    Moong dal chilka or the split green mung are processed from green mung whole... Read More

  • Lentil Split Dal

    Nuts & Grains Africa Trading exports finest quality huskless split lentils, processed using industry’s best... Read More

  • Lentil Football

    Nuts & Grains Africa Trading brings for you lentils in football quality sourced from Canada... Read More

  • Split Yellow Peas

    Split yellow peas are obtained from dried, peeled and split pod fruits of ... Read More